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Good things come to those who wait! After one and a half years of development with over 2000 changes it finally is here: Teeworlds 0.6.0! It features a reworked ninja powerup, a friend list, an upgraded spectator mode, IPv6, translations into other languages, UTF-8 support and lots of other changes. The graphics have been revised and polished, several maps have been reworked and some new ones have found their way into the release.

Go download Teeworlds 0.6.0!

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Awesome Landil!

I love it!



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nice work big_smile

... im German xD

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Awesome work, thank you very much for 0.6! :)

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I must be dreaming... this can't be happening! D: OMG!! *squeals*

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Thanks all developers of this release. I hope that development will be as active as at this moment.

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Most of it is just copied from other clients. So I say do not approve of "good work" or others. I do not understand why everyone is so great that it takes just a few things you have copied from other clients.

P.S.: Sorry for Google translate:)


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Nice work everyone, especially Oy.

@ Maggot: Look at the spectator view for example, it is not just copied. It is completely new and it is much better than what we had with custom client.


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Yes it's not completely copied but the most part ist copied. But i like the new Mapres^^ I still play with 0.5.2 because i love it big_smile


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finally... smile

To all the ppl developing teeworlds and doing grafics for it. You all did great smile

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Yeah, awasome smile

My graphics
My maps
I don't draw avatars and skins by requests. Don't ask me.


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oh baby,


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O.o x.X

Pls change back to the old ctf4 yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am sad about 0.6 hmm

I hoped, that may the client style will be an other, or that there will be awesom new futures... but 90% from the new stuff in 0.6 I allready know from other Clients... And the way how the nicknames are shown, is ugly sad
I don't want that the clan tag is splitted from the nick... So, I won't switch to 0.6 until I have a reason... If I have no reason, I will stop playing Teeworlds. I hope this things wanna change sometime


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Why you need 1 1/2 year to copy things? It's not hard to get this things^^ I agree to KäseKuchen in all points smile


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thanks, awesome!


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Woot, Awesome!

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change the ctf4 map!


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0.60 is awesome!
Great work on the maps!
Nick autocompletion is really useful!


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KäseKuchen,  Maggot

Of course programming is so easy that you can copy paste source code from what ever you want where ever you want and it will automatically add new features

Think a little before you say "to copy things", many "clients" had took source from the teeworlds trunk source and applied their own modifications, so the copying might as well go other way around.
Also in modded clients the people don't have to focus on the core functions when they get nice base where to add own things and improve GUI, Teeworlds development staff has to add features and fixes to "everything" in Teeworlds including the  server! its not like they are copy pasting sources from others.

And KäseKuchen, your narrow minded and your arguments are invalid, like
KäseKuchen i'm sad about you.
i hoped people could understand that developing programs isn't so easy as copy pasting and you have to take in count all the users of program not just one like you.
Teeworlds is open source so if the look doesn't appeal you go ahead and make your own instead of expecting developers do this just for you.
i don't want to see people who are so narrow minded in here. Until there are no narrow minded people i have no reason to stay here.
i will stop Teeworls and i hope someday there wont be narrow minded persons.
I hope you can see how narrow minded your post was..

And by the way
Good work Teeworlds Dev Team! 0.6.0 is awesome!
love the clan tag, country flags and the new score table!
could somewhere be posted new features in 0.6.0 as simple list?
Keep up the Good work! smile

Greetings, Allu2

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I dont think the work with copy+paste^^ But I think the TW Developers are good prgrammers so its easy for they to make the same (like copy the idea). An thats why i dont understand they dont make ideas from themselfs. Where are the good ideas from? From the Players, not the dev team. So I only like the graphics, the only thing with was really developp by the tw team smile

My english is very Bad^^


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then keep playing 0.5.2 if it's so revolutionary for you wink


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shit maps great client and server


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I love the background in winter maps!
Big plus for makers!