Topic: Not getting server lists

Hi everybody and thnks for your great game.

I'm trying to run it but i can't make display the list of servers.
That's all the log says:

[47bdab99][client]: starting...
[47bdab99][config/load]: loading C:\X/Teewars/default.cfg
[47bdab99][gfx]: depthbits = 24
[47bdab99][engine/mastersrv]: refreshing master server addresses
[47bdab9a][snd]: device #0 name='Controlador primario de captura de sonido'
[47bdab9a][snd]: device #1 name='Realtek HD Audio Input'
[47bdab9a][snd]: device #2 name='LÝnea #0 del m¾dem (emulada)'
[47bdab9a][snd]: device #3 name='Controlador primario de sonido'
[47bdab9a][snd]: device #4 name='Realtek HD Audio output'
[47bdab9a][snd]: device = 3
[47bdab9a][font/loading]: failed loading font fonts/tahoma6.tfnt.
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin bluekitty
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin bluestripe
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin brownbear
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin cammo
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin cammostripes
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin coala
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin default
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin limekitty
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin ninja
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin pinky
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin redbopp
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin redstripe
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin saddo
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin toptri
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin twinbop
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin twintri
[47bdab9b][game]: load skin warpaint
[47bdab9b][client]: version 0.3 e2d7973c6647a13c
[47bdab9b][engine/mastersrv]: saving addresses

and then i can't do anything else. There are no servers. I've tried to connect to a random IP address but didn't work. The refresh button seems died.

If anyone could help me... THANKS!