Topic: [MISC] How to enter the Teeworlds IRC channel

Hi everyone,

Teeworlds has two official IRC channels which are great if you want to get help or contact other players in real-time. Recently, we have experienced floods in the IRC channels #teeworlds and #teeworlds-dev. Therefore, those channels might sometime have mode +r, which means only registred and identified users may join and chat in there. The reason to why we have decided to apply this mode is because the registration is fairly hard to break for those spambots. You must verify your email address, aswell as passing a captcha (random text in weird format).

Unfortunately, that solution has some negative sides too, which is that you have to be logged in if you want to chat.

To fix this, here's a shourt tutorial that explains how to register:
1. Connect to Quakenet IRC network, either by entering irc.quakenet.org in your IRC program or by the web chat, located here.
2. Once connected, type /msg Q HELLO your@email.address your@email.again
3. Check your inbox (or spam) folder and click the link as it says in the email.
4. Type in the two words in the captcha picture and click "OK".
5. If you typed in the words correctly, you will get your password and instructions about how to change it.

Now, in the future, perform /quote auth <username> <password> when you connect to Quakenet. Many IRC programs have an option for commands on connect, try to find that for your client, so you don't have to login manually each time.

At the moment none of the channels are in +r mode, but that might change at any time. Keep in mind to follow the IRC rules if you join any of those channels.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask post them here.

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should be pinned.

since you can´t connect without auth.