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Please take your time out to check out my video on teeworlds!
i hope you enjoy and help me out by subscribing !


Re: [VIDEO] Gameplay video

Welcome too the Teeworld forums!
Your video is great for the Graphic, It Looks Nice.

But it's quite booring. Maybe try too play More mods. And play them better, couse your not really that great wink
Have a Nice summer.


Re: [VIDEO] Gameplay video

It's a nice video to show new players Teeworlds.
But it's too long. Nearly 10 minutes, and all the same, that is quite boring. 5 minutes would be more than enough.
Also the dynamic camera is annaoying for a viewer, deactivate it for videos.
And choose a server without lag.

aka cheesy


Re: [VIDEO] Gameplay video

Hey guys, Thanks for the feedback, I think i just got caught up whilst making the video as this game is so much fun big_smile


Re: [VIDEO] Gameplay video

Wow nice video. i like it.
i am new user of linux so this information is really useful to me.