Topic: [QUESTION] How to make a server?

How to make a server? i really need a clanserver. i am $cars-L | *~Arwuz~* And i need help with this, i have tried many things and finaly we can but from tee-liga, we want server with like "$cars ClanServer (1on1)" instead of "$cars-clanserver by tee-liga.de"
thanks. /ArwuZ smile

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Re: [QUESTION] How to make a server?

To make server you need decent internet connection and public IP (AFAIK), or some hoster. There you can configure your server as you wish (including name). Check tw docs http://www.teeworlds.com/?page=docs

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Re: [QUESTION] How to make a server?

You could go to support, search, or teewiki if you want additional help.

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