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Clan name: Tox!c
Members: 0 big_smile (needs more members) Any Country
Logo: (very old logo) http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/1958/toxicj.png

Italic text


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http://police.ghost.crabdance.com (created by subfocus, hosted by ghost)

-[POLICE] Clan
- Clan server
- Game experience
- 5 Members



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There is a new german clan: smile
uchiha clan

lulz big_smile

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*Blu3Kitts* doesn't exist anymore. It splitted up maybe 1 yeahr ago. Would be nice if you could remove it from the list pls.
Thanks alot (:

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Inspire clan: inspireclan.weebly.com Formerly "Ambience", we have made some changes and which resulted in the name change which happened about a month ago. Here are some details about the clan:

Name and tag: Inspire

Website: inspireclan.weebly.com

Based in: North America.

Gametype: Every gametype is allowed.

Members: As of right now we have 15 active members and 2 leaders (see website for current list)

Leaders: Bee and Broken.

Skill level: We allow all skill levels to join, but we have a ranking system so that a pro of one gametype can have something special on his tag.

Clan servers: Broken currently hosts our clan servers, "Inspire CTF" and "Inspire DM". They are hosted in Dallas, TX. There are several really neat custom maps on these servers so check them out!
We hold maturity and character high in choosing new members. We enjoy having clan wars with other clans and try to learn from those experiences. Please see our website for further details about us and for information on how to join.


Re: Teeworlds Clans


- Atom-Clan
- www.tw-atom.tk

Everything else is on our website


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- Clan name : [FTeen] - Stands for Fleeteen.

-Background story : Before I used to have the same clan but then I guess I got bored ? And oh well i ended up removing it. I've always had a website / blog for it since the minute i came up with having a clan for Teeworlds. The website is 24 / 7 and I always pay my hosting.

-Website : www.fleeteen.com

-Logo : I have many logos for Fleeteen, all made in Inkscape but I've never really decided which one fits it the best.

-Extra : 1st : The website's name might sound inappropriate ( flee - teen ) But it is not. If you find it inappropriate ( Which i hope you will not. ) Let me in and I'll see what i can do 'bout it.

             2nd : We currently have 2 Members but please note it's because it's new.

             3rd : As to our skill level I think we're pretty good, I don't like the word 'pro' since it sounds very childish and immature. Calling yourself a pro just makes you an idiot -.-' It's your opinion.

             4th : CURRENTLY The leaders are [E]xequt[e] & McDunkable ( Me )

About our website..

My website is a teeworlds community there I give hints and tricks ( I do not give information about bots nor do support them. ) And by those hints i mean.. How to self-kill, binding, and another one which is kind of complicated to tell here so.. find out by yourself smile

For the curious people.. The complicated one is how to get an empty name on teeworlds..

Sorry teeworlds developers ): But it's frequently asked ):

Thanks !

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, The Sun Is Yellow  And This Doesn't Rhyme . . .

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-Clan name : Protocol

-Background story : Protocol was born on january 2011 by 4 friend who want to be in the same team (sry for my English)

-Website : http://protocol.forumprod.com/

Protocol is a french speaking team.

We have 15 active members

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There is a very Popular German Clan in Teeworlds 0.6


for the first it was a funclan, now it is a not a funclan anymore. It was founded by an 0.5.2 vanilla player with the name [MAD]Beginner, [MAD]Minato Namikaze and [MAD]Zelfi-Reloaded and with his schools friend.



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Clanname: R4WR

Website: R4WR-Clan.tk
Leaders: Flippy and DerHase
Info: R4WR is a german allroundclan who exists since one year. We have 6 Teeworlds servers and 13 members (4 applys). More informations you can get on our website. Thanks smile



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clan name:
background history: this is a clan of kirby. we are spanish
website (this website it's our kirby comic website too):
brunoF31 @ Debian Servers
it's my teeworlds name


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Name: QK Ninja Clan
Background: if you look at "QK" sideways it looks like a ninja! Me and my tw buddy Petitsuisse decided to create a clan out of it. So far, there are only 4 of us, but its quickly growing!
Website/Forum: http://www.qk-twc.forumieren.com
Logo: http://i42.tinypic.com/2ibi8v8.jpg


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Clan name: D00M

Background: D00M is polish clan, who associates evry players who want have fun for playing Teeworlds.

Game types: Instagib

Website: http://d00mteeworldsclanserwer.orangespace.pl/


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MAFIA CLAN REALLY GOOD SUPPORT IN NO TIME AND MOST MEMBERs ARE HIGH SKILLED.you can visit and contact us in our website:www.teeworlds-future-clan.yolasite.com

If you want a perfect map for your own server you can PM me to make you one ^^

Please also try play nodes you may download it here!. And as always.Have a nice day


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Sprint Gaming Official. (SG)
Mostly focused on Clanwars, Graphics, Maps & Events as will be shown soon.

Team Setup:
Froggen (Maps & Events)
Vitrix (Clanwars & Website)
Lee Sin (Graphics & Maps)

We would me more then happy to have recruits, we're still a very small group of players but trying to catch 'em all.

Website will be up as soon as Vitrix finds the time to do it.
For as long as it's down, PM Me if you wanna help us out or Join the team! smile

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Re: Teeworlds Clans


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Clan: Sunny.
Newly started, has been up for a week now.
If intrested in joining contact via ingame or pm until website is complete.
Current members:

  • Renek

- Proud member of Inspire!
  - I make my own gfx :>
    - Developing a zombiemap that's gon' b huuuge!

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Den Svenska Björn Familjen (Swedish-only clan).

  • Members

- Kattryck, TheMupp, SweTee, Volibar, Vitrix, Olofnyberg.

  • Website

http://swedishbearfamily.tk - SITE ON SWEDISH!

We are a group of swedish guys playing Instagib/Vanilla/Race etc, free to join for all the sweds! :)

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PunBB bbcode test

Clan: HighClass

Who we are?

-We are a german instagib clan.
-We have 3 members: Day, skrillex and me.

What do we play?

-We are an instagib clan, so we mostly play instagib (on old_ctf4) or z-catch.
-But we also enjoiying other mods.

Where do we play?

-The clan is new, so we are all playing on tw 0.6 (not 0.5)

Do you want to get a member of our clan?

Great! Then just click on the following link and make an applyment.



Re: Teeworlds Clans

Nitro wrote:

PunBB bbcode test

Clan: HighClass

Who we are?

-We are a german instagib clan.
-We have 3 members: Day, skrillex and me.

What do we play?

-We are an instagib clan, so we mostly play instagib (on old_ctf4) or z-catch.
-But we also enjoiying other mods.

Where do we play?

-The clan is new, so we are all playing on tw 0.6 (not 0.5)

Do you want to get a member of our clan?

Great then just click on the following link and make an applyment.


Players with an other nationality kann write an applyment , too ! smile


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Clanname: Un//Team
Clantag: Un//Team band in name [Un]yourname
Type off clan: all
Leader: uno!m!t€d and pro cl@y
Website: www.teeworldsblog.altervista.org
Clan video is bad


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The HD Clan!
We play DDrace,Block,zCacth...
New clan got 30 members but on new web page just 3 another are on vacation
CoLeader:»WhitDevil[HD] (me)
Tag: yourname[HD] clanname HD
I am pretty god mapper i alredy made 3 maps and making newones we will get server hosting pretty soon....
Join us! Viva HD Clan!;)

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Re: Teeworlds Clans

favorite gametypes:DM,zcatch,openfng,ctf,infection
Date of birth:July 3rd 2012

We are looking for members (any) and if you want to join please email me at speedy_zandero@yahoo.com! Or PM me.
Thank You! smile


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Name: Icϵ
Type: DDRace
Leader: ZiKkie
WebSite: http://twice.clan.su/
Members: Best Rus ddrace players

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Name: Mr.Bro
Type: opfng ,DDRace,zCatch,zEsc,Race,iDDrace
Leader: Mr.Pinky
Forums: http://mr-bro.forumotion.com/
Members: Mr.Pinky, Mr.Bunny, Mr.MEGA TEE,  Mr.Crow
Country : All

thanks anyway smile