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Topic: [CL/SV-MOD] TDteeworlds

Hi all want to show tdtw mod started by DeRK and tz-lom

Some features:
Display all weapon ammo
You can change laser color
teambased color nameplates
console tweaks (no shadows, fast opening)
Print Health/Armor points in teamchat
Changeable hud
Changeable broadcast messages
Resizable chat messages
Flag angle, resize
Transparent for mini score
Transparent for scoreboard
Showing id in nameplates without debug 1 (optional)
Force spectator camera
New chat colors (If it's boring u can set old chat colors)
Change able servermessage (*** Servertext, i.e *** server is shutdowning, with dmod u can change *** or remove it at all)
Changeable effects (include color changing,disabling effects,eye-candy (smoketrail,bullettrail,other))
Body alpha for all tees (changeable too)
Effects of flag (flag trail)
Effects weapons (weapon trail)
Force walking animation in air
No background (configurable) in main menu (sweet 0.4.x versions smile )
configurable color/alpha in console (remote and client)
and other...

Spawn of weapons (you can change it, spawn or not)
Default armor,health (from 0 to 100)
Start weapons (when tee spawn)
Start ammo of starting weapons (0 - is unlimited)
Spawn times of powerups/weapons (300 - is default)
Can change how many score will got player/team for capture/getting flag
Changeable names of gametypes
Can change whether CTF is teamplay game
Changeable score of suicide/kills/teamkills
Can change percent of damage
Can off selfdamage
maximum armor,health
laser push
and other

Some screenshots:

How I get it?
You can get it : /* Removed because of cheatlike features (saying hp/shields) - Magnet */
To download it view at right side of page (Featured downloads:)

TDTW_r(version of revision here)_windows_binariesonly.zip mean that there only binaries and you need download last data files, only for windows
tdtw-0.5.1-win32-r(version of revision here).zip data files and binaries for windows

For linux you need to compile yourself  (it's not hard I think...).

To get last version of tdtw (svn repository) look here:  /* Removed because of cheatlike features (saying hp/shields) - Magnet */

Documentation writing in process, be patient!

Wiki: /* Removed because of cheatlike features (saying hp/shields) - Magnet */

TDTeeworlds under development
and needed people that can help this project (C++ programmer, Docs writer, Map makers, Skin maker/changer)
Any ideas are welcome

Preview of effects (youtube)

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Re: [CL/SV-MOD] TDteeworlds

Wow, one of the best clients out there. This could be the next Teecomp.

By the way, laser color change doesn't work for me. ;-;

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Re: [CL/SV-MOD] TDteeworlds

wow, thats nice=D#
a great wwork have u done.

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Re: [CL/SV-MOD] TDteeworlds

N1 work
but changing laser doestn work at my teeworlds sad
maybe i do something wron

Sry for my bad english I'm just 15^^


Re: [CL/SV-MOD] TDteeworlds

great work, but how can i zoom out?

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Re: [CL/SV-MOD] TDteeworlds

Landil, you can zoom out and zoom in by console commands (in spectator),

+zoom - zoom in
-zoom - zoom out

bind example

bind o +zoom
bind p -zoom

and yes yemDX, look at wiki,there are some documentation


laser color docs:http://code.google.com/p/tdtw/wiki/laser_color

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