Topic: Teewars Linux-x32 build with support for XRandR resolution setting.

Here's a Linux build of Teewars 0.3.3 against GLFW from CVS head as of today (jan 20). Consider this build experimental and works-for-me.

This build basically supports resolution setting on recent Linux distributions, where XRandR is available. I use this to lower my resolution to something that doesn't make Teewars run at 10 FPS in shadowy areas. smile

If you don't trust the above binary, here's how to build it yourself:

* Grab the teewars source and unpack.
* Check out GLFW from CVS, example:
    cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@glfw.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/glfw co glfw
* Remove the 'lib' and 'include' directories from teewars-src/src/engine/external/glfw/
* Copy the new 'lib' and 'include' directories from the CVS verison of GLFW over to teewars-src/src/engine/external/glfw/
* Open teewars-src/src/engine/external/glfw/lib/x11/platform.h up in a text editor, find the line (line 36):
    #define _GLFW_X11
   Add these new lines below it:
    #define _GLFW_HAS_XRANDR
    #define _GLFW_HAS_DLOPEN
    #define _GLFW_HAS_SYSCONF
    #define _GLFW_HAS_PTHREAD
* In the same file, find the line (line 130):
    #define _glfw_glXGetProcAddress(x) dlsym(_glfwLibs.libGL,x)
   Change it to:
    #define _glfw_glXGetProcAddress(x) dlsym(_glfwLibrary.Libs.libGL,x)
* Open teewars-src/default.bam up in a text editor, find these lines (line 187):
    glfw_platform = "x11"
   Add these new lines below them:
* Now build teewars.

Thanks for the great game, devteam. smile