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hi guys!

this is my audio mod for tw.
all mod sounds taken from doom2, and tw now become such a same-mad, like doom2! xD


just overwrite original sound files in data/audio/

download teedoom audiomod files here: http://dlcorp.ucoz.ru/audiomod.zip

sorry for my bad english, and thank you for your attention.


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Awesome sounds! smile


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Do you have the rights for these sounds?


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I don't like it. I think it simply doesn't fit into teeworlds. It sounds very creepy and dark. And somehow the sounds are not very clear.


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@some: i guess he dont... I dont like it and thats one reason there for wink

uptee - a simple web interface for hosting and maintaining teeworlds servers
teerace - a website gathering results of trusted Race-mod servers providing global ranking and statistics
*gV* rox ^^


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Could be a funny honoring of the revolutionary game if it would be combined with a doom-like UI (as can be seen in the screenshot). Seems all elements except flags are already there.