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Puh, long time since I wrote in this journal. A month. As you know, we released 0.3.0 and I've been very busy working out the kinks in it. But what I'm going to talk about this time is the new map editor that is coming in 0.4.0.

Yes, the new map editor in all it's glory. I'll post an image of it and continue from there.

The image shows dm1 with a dusk setting.

There you have it. I started to work on it around christmas and it's becomming very functional right now. The sun, background, parallax layers etc are all made in the editor now. There are tooltips for all buttons except those I've missed big_smile.

There are three big reasons for doing this new map editor. There are a few people out there doing nice stuff with the old non-supported editor and we want to give them something real to work with.

The second point is that we want to improve the graphical aspect of teewars to the next level and to do that we need to be able to do more stuff with the maps. There are some animation support in there aswell so you can spice up the maps.

The last point is that we want to do more stuff with our maps gameplay wise. We are going to add support for non-hookable tiles and hazard tiles that causes damage over time.

So, there you have it. I'm going to try to post more regularly from now on.


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Aahhh, the ability to create hazardous environments! I'm looking forward to this, and I guess it won't be long until someone creates a HEV suit skin for teewars..

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matricks marry me !

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PrimeviL wrote:

matricks marry me !

No way PrimeviL! He's MINE!! big_smile

Way to go matricks! The new editor looks awsome! Be careful with the animated stuff though. A little movement would be great, but too much will only be disturbing. (Don't get me wrong now, I love the idea, but be careful)

By the way, I kind of like the editor as it is with hotkeys for everything. Will those still be around in the new version?

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some more maps released with 0.4? big_smile


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raph wrote:

some more maps released with 0.4? big_smile

0.5 would sound better too me, cause then there´s a chance that it´s our maps smile.


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nice nice nice
waiting impatient for 0.4


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Damnit is beautiful!


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FireArrow wrote:

Be careful with the animated stuff though. A little movement would be great, but too much will only be disturbing. (Don't get me wrong now, I love the idea, but be careful)


Nice work, the editor look cool and simple. cool

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now u just gotta release tongue
So we're waiting for 0.4

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how about a consistent naming scheme for TW maps? tdm1, tdm6, tctf2, etc..


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dm1 dm2 dm6 ctf1 ctf2 is pretty consistent imo o.O

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the screenshot looks very cool.
will it be also possible to create your own vector graphics in illustrator and import them into your own map?


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Bones wrote:

the screenshot looks very cool.
will it be also possible to create your own vector graphics in illustrator and import them into your own map?



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/me puts on a partyhat
Cheers matricks! Cant...wait..much..longer

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Any ideas of when 4.0 is coming out? not nessisarily a date, like "in a month or two" or somthing.

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Since playing around with the map editor in v3.x the one thing I noticed that could make it easyier to work with and could make it more efficient with the layers is having a checkbox type option to have the next placed tile(s) be placed by either the normal replacement method or by an overlaying method. If that doesn't make sense then for example you have a tile that is fully colored and you place that tile on the map and then you have another tile that is half transparent half colored and you place that tile in the same place but with the overlay method then the half that was transperent becomes blended to what was originally there and the other half gets overwritten by the new tile. More of what I am saying http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_compositing with the A over B.

This additional placement method could also help reduce the amount of total needed bg/fg layers in the map and therefore reduce computer proccessing in the finsihed map while playing.

Or another way of doing something similar could be to have an option to export the selected map to be 3 layered(bg/main/fg). So while creating a map you can use as many layers as you feel, but when you save the playable map you export it to be 3 layers where all bg layers get "flattened" and the same goes for the fg layers this way you only need 3 layers maximum.

And I just remembered you were going to add special tiles to the editor, then it could be reduced to 4 maximum layers (bg/main/main-special/fg) where main-special would be where you specify regions that belong to those special land types for the main layer. So in the main-special layer you could specifiy regions where you would recieve damage, or where you cant use the hook, or if you guys ever implement other features like regions that specify low gravity/high gravity, water, etc. So the main-special layer isnt really an image layer but just a layer specifying specific regions. This way you dont actually need special land tiles in the editor just the ability to specify regions on the map that belong to those special features.


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ShootMe wrote:

*loads of text*

Well, I won't say that it's bad but it affects so very very much to remake now. The whole tilemap structure needs to be redone. However, automatic flattening of layers could be fixed.


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Hey can everyone give me the URL please

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It's included in the latest stable build of teewars. Just open teewars up and hit CONTROL+SHIFT+E to bring it up.

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