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Topic: Servers running modifications as DM, TDM or CTF will be banned

In order for the server browser to function as it should, it's VERY important that mod makers do correct mods and change the game type for their mods. A modified server that reports itself as DM, TDM or CTF will swiftly be banned from the master servers.

This is a zero-tolerance policy. Even if a modified server does not affect the vanilla gameplay, it must not run as CTF, DM or TDM. This is because people should explore Teeworlds before they explore forks of it. Custom maps on reserved gametypes are fine, as long as no code changes have been made.

If you are running such a server, close it down. If you have been running such a server and no longer can see any servers or contact the master servers, close it down and tell me the IP here and I shall lift the curse.

Go to the following page if you want to see what servers are banned: https://www.teeworlds.com/master-bans.cfg
Please report any modified servers running on reserved game types to heinrich5991, Dune, minus or on IRC.

Thank you!