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Topic: Can not save maps in editor.

Hi there!

It seems that I can not save my maps that I have created in the editor. When I press CTRL + S it shows the editor, but without any options or the "tiles" that i have created. After a few seconds it crashes and I get a message wich tells me that something was wrong with the teewars.app and it had to be shutdown.
In the "Terminal" it says:

[46d0314a][editor]: save
Bus error

No map was saved.

I'm using a Mac and the latest version of Teewars.



Re: Can not save maps in editor.

The editor is not supported but I think you didn't specify filename when you started it.


Re: Can not save maps in editor.

How exactly do I specify a filename? I typed in the terminal:

path/to/teewars.app -e path/to/the/place/to/save/filename.map



Re: Can not save maps in editor.

This is probably something for me to answer... running the editor from OSX that way is completly untested and can have very unexpected results... smile

You need to hack around it.

* copy Teewars.app/Contents/MacOS/teewars to a new directory
* copy Teewars.app/Contents/Resources/data to the same directory
* run ./teewars -e some_map_name.map from the terminal

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