Topic: [SOLVED] the [live] server list feels 20% complete 2022.

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Topic: (SOLVED) the server list feels 20% complete 2022.

Problem: the server list (serverlist?) is missing servers like FNG and standard teeworlds servers.
Solutions tried:
rm -fr ~/.local/share/teeworlds
teeworlds #ie. start the client
#same results.



Anything else we need to know?
I'm using a custom/0.000000002%patched+recompiled client from Debian 11.4 teeworlds package source for different team colors (ie. gold and white versus red and blue).

Anything _else_ we need to know?
Oh and uuuhhhh.
This has happened in the past, however it was resolved by hitting the "Refresh" button at least once.

It (ie. the teeworlds client + the Internet I guess) resolved itself (after 34 seconds (and I'm 98% sure after hitting the "Refresh" button again)).