Topic: Paid Job, Teeworlds Developer - Freelance and remote Opportunity

I am pleased to announce that I am looking for a experience developer for Teeworlds with coding experience frontend and backend

https://t.me/Erikvanvelzen I am hiring Teeworlds Developers!
Job poster

I am a business entrepreneur I have playd Teeworlds in the past 10 year,s on and off as username: Bitcoin
I am exited to anawnce that I ready to make Teeworlds interrakt with the BlockChan/
I have a exiting Idia, game billd.
A game that player,s can wage money ageinst each other.
where users can own their skins and sell them on the open marketplace
and make a proffit.
and the best Teeworlds professionals make ther inkom throow batteling eechather for mony
and the spektators can rain mony (tips) to the wage pot, that will increes the game excitement by 10X
and the noobs can invite there frends to play with mony agenst eachather 1 on 1
I have a simpel SDK to make most of it possebel.

please contact me on telegram https://t.me/Erikvanvelzen


Re: Paid Job, Teeworlds Developer - Freelance and remote Opportunity

i have a similar idea that im pursuing, but it wont be restricted to teeworlds wink