Topic: What is even going on?

Whats up everyone, its ya boy SadlyIgotAIDS.
So heres whats happening: I wanted to play some teeworlds today, so I logged in and was ready to go. I joined some novice or moderate map idk and 10 seconds in i was greeted by a message "you have been banned until April for ban evasion". Now wtf does that even mean? First of all I never did anything illegal in Teeworlds and second of all how would I even "evade a ban" lmao. I have no idea whats happening but I would like to have this cleared up ASAP. Oh and btw I am banned from like 80% of maps now. This game is already basically dead and shit like this just makes it worse. Please fix this.


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I keep getting banned for evasion. Can someone please explain what that means??? Its really getting annoying.


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i think you should ask DDNet developers

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Re: What is even going on?

Who are they? I dont know how to contact them UwU


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It probably means you're trying to get around the ban.

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Yeah that makes sense, but the issue is I never tried to get around the ban. I dont even know how one would do that lmao. Also if you COULD get around the ban anyways, then a ban wouldn't even make sense. The whole thing seems as if I pissed off some basement dwelling neckbeard admin and now hes forever mad at me looool


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No im not trying to get around. I keep waiting until my bans gets lifted, play a few rounds and then im banned again...


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Sounds like either ddnet or kog. Check the server name you are banned on and then contact either the kog helpdesk or reach out in the ddnet forum. Or join their discords

ddnet: https://ddnet.tw/discord
kog: https://discord.gg/DghtpdvySM

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