Topic: Teeworlds as a single-hop Hidden Service?

Hi I'm idk and I'm part of the I2P Team(the Java one, from geti2p.net). One thing I like to explore are the more "benign" applications of the benign technologies collectively known as Hidden Services. One thing which many people use Hidden Services for currently is to handle A) Addressability and B) Reachability of services which would otherwise be complicated to reach or challenging to configure. One such case is a game server which a user might desire to host withing their own residence. Where complicated port-forwarding rules or dynamic DNS may be applied, a hidden service can take it's place and often be easier, more secure, and offer the "permanency" of an address which is intrinsically linked to the hash of a public key.

In the past I've generally had the most success with games that are turn-oriented, such as Freeciv and Battle for Wesnoth, or games which run in the browser using WebSockets or WebRTC connections. However, as the network becomes capable of achieving faster speeds, it's becoming more and more interesting to attempt games which where the play will accommodate less latency. Teeworlds is a pretty good place to start. However, as I document the configuration I'm about to recommend I'd like to make sure I don't violate any of your community's rules. I see the "Server Rules" page:

    A modified Teeworlds server must not use a standard gametype (dm, tdm, ctf, lms, lts)

A Teeworlds hidden service would not require any modifications to the Teeworlds code as far as I have assessed. However...

    Do not host servers purely for advertising purposes (e.g. passworded & having only an advertisement as name; having sponsoring info or the likes in the server name is perfectly fine).

This is where I feel I may risk running afoul of the rules, if I wish to advertise my hidden service URL in the master server list, I will technically be advertising a URL which is not reachable without additional configuration. People will be free to connect to it, there will be no password to play, regardless, it would not be immediately accessible to the majority of players. I would like to add a URL to the name of the service, which would lead to instructions for configuring the client to connect to the server using a tunneling tool. This would of course lead to people downloading and installing our software, which is something we want. I don't have to squint for this to look like advertising to me, and if it's too close for comfort in this situation I'll leave the hidden server of the master server list by setting



Thanks for your time.


Re: Teeworlds as a single-hop Hidden Service?


There is no problem with hosting a difficult-to-reach server that requires extra configuration and advertise the URL to the service.
The advertising rules exist because of some people hosting fake servers for the sole purpose of broadcasting messages to the players, not to provide Teeworlds servers.

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