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Couple weeks ago I accidentally found my old bot source codes. So I cloned Teeworlds repository, put bot code inside, fixed it a bit (because it was made for 0.6) and... it was funny! But the code was really mess, so I decided to re-write it from zero.
This brand-new bot actually is not the best one. It moves really fast (for a bot, of course), but shoots so-so, chooses non-optimal destinations and sometimes can stuck. It plays good on small enclosed maps (dm1, ctf1), but badly on large open maps (ctf5).
Please notice that triangulation takes lot of time, up to 2.5 minutes for ctf5. Triangles are being saved in "bot" data directory.
The bot is not supposed for cheating. It sends bot player flag to server to be recognized as AI player.
I am okay with current progress and don't really want to finish it, but would be really appreciated if someone will improve my code.
You can find the source code here:
Some documentation:



Re: Brand-new bot

why not train a real AI, some kind of machine learning like tensorflow c++ if exist


Re: Brand-new bot

Because i don't know how to work with "real AI" and ML. I prefer classic algorithms, it's more easy to understand and write.

P. S. Triangulation works bad on "open" maps like ctf5, and i don't really know how to improve it. Would be nice if someone do that.