Topic: How do I change the games screen size on a chromebook

So, I use to play this game a while back (about 2012-2014) and I've only come back recently because my sister was talking about games I use to play and Teeworlds is one of them

Today I just got back into playing the game, and I want to be able to play the game when traveling after the virus stuff going on right now is over. I was able to install Teeworlds on my Chromebook through the Linux apps option. When I was
testing the game out today to see how well it performs it runs at a smooth 60fps which is perfect, but the size of the screen was different dimensions than the Chromebook I'm on.

I've seen posts about how to change the dimensions and they said there's a config file in the game directory, so I tried to go to that directory but it doesn't exist. Is there any other way to change the screen size?

An old user who forgot about this game entirely until February 2nd, 2021


Re: How do I change the games screen size on a chromebook

Do you mean in-game?
If so you just have to the official ddnet client which you can change the zoom in-game when ever you want to!
=> https://ddnet.tw/downloads/

Just press the gear icon then go to the controls tab in the right side the under movement try to find Zoom in and Zoom out then just set it to any key on your mouse or your keyboard, then just go in-game and press those keys to change the zoom!