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Topic: Lag In Teeworlds

Hello everyone

My regards and Happy New Year everyone!

I am padorot and I have a problem with my teeworlds

Since I bought my new table computer I installed teeworlds and the game interface is very slow and I am not referring to ping but I am too slow even to open the same game on my pc

Fun fact: My old pc was a generation of 2015 laptop and teeworlds worked very well for me on that laptop, but since I bought my new desktop computer I have been very slow in the game.

My question: what program do you recommend downloading to my pc so that teeworlds can run fast

I suspect that my pc is missing .dll files and that is why it is very slow

I tried to update my graphics drivers
Try to download the latest versions of Microsoft visual cc
but none of that worked for me

I await your prompt reply
I thank you all


Re: Lag In Teeworlds

Bájale la resolución, a menos que ya lo hayas intentado



Re: Lag In Teeworlds

Hola @KZ  pero cual me recomiendas utilizar
mi computadora tiene una de 1024x768
y en el juego trae como unas 5


Re: Lag In Teeworlds

Gracias me Sirvio
Eres un Capo


Re: Lag In Teeworlds