Topic: Automatic firing of the pistol

Every weapon except for the pistol fires automatically when you hold down the mouse button. In my opinion it would make more sense if the pistol did the same.

Whenever I play vanilla, I always have the feeling it would be better for gameplay if I could just empty my pistol automatically. This way I wouldn't need to spam click my mouse and it would allow better focus on different aspects of the gameplay.

I think this change would allow for a smoother vanilla experience. What are your thoughts?

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Re: Automatic firing of the pistol

i personally like the clicking and feeling the induced burst. all weapons have their own twist and the guns twist is being a simple gun, weak on its own but strong in the right hands. i understand that gameplay wise it wouldn't make much of a difference if it was auto, because the firerate is somewhat limited anyways, but to me this would more fit a machine pistol and that feels strange to have in teeworlds to me. maybe i'm just too used to how it is right now. another thing imo is, that you can control the amount of bullets much better now.

another thing is that ammo reload only happens when gun is equipped. this makes me hold the gun by default and quickly switching to my weapon of choice corresponding to the situation. reloading ammo when not equipped would take away this little hassle. a kind of similar case as above i guess just another person with another taste^^
here again there is this little skill element to have a ammoed gun ready when necessary. might be great as it is, now that i think about it.