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Topic: [MOD] TeeDocking

This is just an idea yet.
Unfortunately I am not a good and patient programmer to dive into the teeworlds code and make a mod.
But I will try harder I think.

It's a collaborative mod, like DDRace. However you fight against the clock - kind of. You have to move flags from one place to another, in a certain amount of time. And a certain number of flags.

This is just a draft, to be edited.

The idea came to me, as I was working in a logistics warehouse and had to refill materials, when they were empty. You never knew when a certain material is empty, that was the interesting thing about it.


Okay here is a more thought through approach.
The mod will make use of the CTF feature. It will be about capturing a flag from one point and bringing it somewhere else.
However, the mod will not be like CTF - other than CTF it will be collaborative (with just one team)
It will be like space invaders. Or like Tetris. You kind of have to get rid of lots of stuff that appears. Like in Tetris. In Tetris you have to sort the new shapes, so that they will disappear. In TeeDocking you will have to get the flag and put it somewhere.
It will also be like Space Invaders, although the Tetris comparison works better, because you will not destroy the 'enemies' but you will kind of sort the flags that appear.

Anyway. It will be not as easy as Space Invaders or Tetris. It will also be a strategy game mod. You will need to have good strategy, combined with movement skills.
There will not just be 2 flags and 2 colors, but a lot of colors, or maybe even patterns or images on the flag. The map will have a lot of spawn places for the flags and also places where to put the flag.

I will try to make an abstraction of an industry technique, which is called Cross Docking. It is something used in logistics.
Imagine you are in a warehouse and there will be a lot of different food coming in into the warehouse in the morning.
Like pancakes and smoothie and salad. All in all 100 different foods. And Not only one smoothie, but 500 of each. 500 smoothie, 500 salad, 500 pancakes.
And you have to make all these foods accessible at the same time, to send those foods to customers.
But there is only a certain amount of place where you can put you material, which is the ground floor. The other food goes up to the top.
So you can put max 20 smoothie on the ground.
So after you have send 20 smoothies to different customers you will have to refill the smoothie. That means you have to get a forklifter, move the smoothies down from the shelve take 20 smoothies out and put them up again. This costs time. So you try to optimize it. There are a few places where you can put 500 smoothies on the ground, so it is really easy to refill. But since there are 100 different foods - not just smoothie - you will try to optimize.
The hard thing in all this is. Everyday the orders are different. You have a shelve with maybe 100 articles, (pancake, smoothie, salad, etc). Then there are 10 people that collect articles to put an order together and send it. You never now what the orders are and you don't really see, which article they take, so you have to always check your articles, if they are still full. If not you have to refill it.
Refilling again means to take the article from the top of shelve down with a forklifter, put 20 out, and put it up again.
There are a few places where you can put 500 of one article on the ground floor - as I said - but maybe only 3 or 4. So the remaining 96 articles have to be refilled in a slow process with a forklifter, which takes about 2 - 5 minutes.
Sorry for this chaotic description. And for my English. I don't think anyone will read this anyway...

If someone read this, tell me what you think...


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The Teeworlds Forum Need To Make WebPage for ideas...


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Things is there are lots of idea's & few to try/implement them in a meaningful why. those type have power/respect.