Topic: Limit FPS by default

- Less power consumption
- Less graphic card stress
- Normal screens runs at 60Hz ... or 120Hz (maybe 144Hz).. but not >600Hz

If you run teeworlds without fps limits with an RTX 2080 Super OC... you can think that the graphic card goes to explode.


Re: Limit FPS by default

The code line in question: https://github.com/teeworlds/teeworlds/ … bles.h#L70
I feel like most games do not limit FPS by default. Do you agree?

You might want to discuss this in a Github issue

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Re: Limit FPS by default

I guess vsync works fine already for this purpose


Re: Limit FPS by default

VSync and limitfps work differently. IIRC vsync introduces input lag

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Re: Limit FPS by default

The reason people want more game ticks/FPS is because the render'er will have more resent data. for example
lets say the Monitor refresh ever 30MS & your game put outs a rendered frame every 30MS, that means every action on screen is 30MS old(plus monitor/other latency).

now lets say the game refreshes every 6MS, now the frames on screen on only 6MS old(excluding other latency like monitor delays), even though your monitor is still giving frames every 30MS.

look it up for a better understanding smile


Re: Limit FPS by default

indeed i would like to try games on 144Hz screen to enjoy the fluidity instead of sophisticated ray trace rendering