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Topic: [MOD][0.7] Teeworlds MRPG

I apologize for my English.

I will be happy to listen to your suggestions and your criticism.
General information

- MRPG - this is a modification of the RPG, Skill-and-action, Adventure genre.
Once upon a time wanted to do something similar to the RPG genre, i would have enough level system and inventory, including mobs and bosses thus appeared Azataz, Reload Azataz.
But after a while, I to refuse these projects, because I had little experience in the field of RPG, and the support for the mod Azataz was difficult, because of the dirty writing of with C++ for fast time.

- After a while MmoTee appeared. MmoTee was completely controlled, with multiple branches linking the mod into a single system that I could manipulate, without any interaction with the code. But due to the fact that I could not fully play it to catch the atmosphere for which the mod is intended, I decided to restart it again.

- Finally i studied the dynamics of RPG games, appeared MRPG.
With own story. Multiple branches that reveal the NPC's identity. Reading their dialogues and feeling NPC's emotions. Meet, or fall for the joke of another NPC who decides to take advantage of your. Help them with their own Affairs, cooking, hunting, or help them find a lost loved one for the NPC. With the gradual opening of the location, and the gradual opening of new features. Mod was conceived with a point where the player will always to learn something new.  The mod is designed for story. But even what I do in this direction is an advantage. There are a lot of different professions, starting from raids and ending with a full-fledged trip to the dungeon, for the sake of another loot.
In this mod, took into all the experience gained with players. In similar genres since 2016. (First azataz, Reload azataz, MmoTee)
The mod is designed for more than one day, month. It is impossible to reach the maximum. But I will try to make the maximum number of chapters.


Storyline / Sideline:
- Storyline this is the main quests that will lead you through the story, from zone to zone, from chapter to chapter.
- Sideline so-same can open new locations, new items, or open a dungeon on a side story NPC's.
Story and side quests can have tricks, as in many real MMORPGs, for example, passing the side line of the quest, you will open new features, or unique items, or you nothing will get at all.
Passing quests can even be through the dungeon. For example until you complete (Story dungeon with quest) you will not be able to complete the quest

Behavior of the mobs:
Many mobs can have their own behavior, the system is young and will periodically improve. Mobs can be strong, and can be with strong health and arrogant, or quiet and slow, or throw the effects of explosion, slowness, poison.

The logic in the worlds:
There are many tricky doors, example let in the dungeon which are activated after defeating a pack of mobs, or that are activated by you.

Smart loot system:
Each player will receive loot, if player has contributed to defeating mobs. Indeed to all mobs, boss, raid's.

Localization system including all dialogs:
At the moment, it is periodically translated where there are no errors with my English. But there is support for translating dialogs. Near future will be the maximum translation of the modification with dialogues, translations will be made with the completion of the chapter.

Skill's system
There is no point in spamming. You need to think through the bundles of skills that you want to use.
For example, for a tank, you need to use completely different skills, and not spend 20% of mana on health, which gives almost nothing. All skills can be bindit on emotions or commands.


Registration (with MRPG)
Dungeon Tank solo (with MRPG)
Dungeon Party Tank/Supports(with MRPG) (with MRPG)
Equipping system (with MRPG)
I will update this topic gradually, sorry bad english (later i'm correct it)