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Topic: [MAP] run_bunny - Race

Screenshots : 1, 2, 3.

Description : run_bunny
Mod : RACE
Version : 0.4.x
Download : run_bunny

How to play : You need a modded client (linux_x86, windows).

How to host :
You need a modded server (linux_x86, windows).
You need this cfg : race.cfg.

How to edit or create race maps :
You need to replace entities.png with this one : entities.png
You need this tileset for arrows (thanks Landil) :  arrows.png

Thanks Shootme, Rajh and Gregwar for their modifications. Here is the patch to compile the mod yourself : race.patch


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what changes have been done to the client?

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Re: [MAP] run_bunny - Race

The client didn't change.

Edit:Miss understood xD The modded client remove collision from player.
The server do it too but if you play with normal client the prediction don't know the moddification about collision and the client is acting weird. So if you don't want those sort of lag with the official client when playing race use the moddedclient.


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I see.

In short words: Player collision is removed from the prediction, right?

Used to be very active waay back


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Well no collision variable is added like the server "sv_race_mod" so if the variable is set to 1 (by default) the collision are removed so the prediction doesnt make it.
Btw you can't connect any other server with this client.


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I am on a Mac.. how do I make a MOD server ?


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Re: [MAP] run_bunny - Race

You have to compile it with this patch : race.patch

http://teeworlds.com/?page=docs&wik … Everything


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haaa the patch is useless if you don't tuch to the source code so ?


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Re: [MAP] run_bunny - Race

Not really cause some ppl need to compile the game by themself

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Re: [MAP] run_bunny - Race

tongue ok ^^  so I don't care tongue and remove patch file tongue
(client working perfectly tongue)