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I would like to upload the server Xpanic on teeworld. I find this file https://github.com/teeworldsmods/teeworlds-xpanic.
But I don't know to start this server. Have you an idee about how I can do ?


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This is not the server, but its source code. You would need to compile the server to be able to run it. There seems to be no instructions or readme on this repository to guide you to do that.

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Thank you Dune.
Someone know how to compile the server to be able to run it ?

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You can compile this server using Bam, just like normal teeworlds.

git clone git@github.com:teeworldsmods/teeworlds-xpanic.git
cd teeworlds-xpanic

"../bam/bam" is path to your bam

Official tutorial
You need to use Bam 0.4

I had some error during compilation but most of them was client-side, so server compiles normally.
Also after connect to server you need to register "/register <login> <pass>" and for me this command crash server. Maybe i do something wrong.

This is Teeworlds 0.6

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You can download already compiled version Linux  Download Link (archive are already maps for xpanic.)

PatrykP wrote:

"/register <login> <pass>" and for me this command crash server

As far as I remember, you just need to create a folder 'accounts'.