Topic: Server not visible online

I try to make server for my friend and me, it doesn't work and i don't know why.

In cmd i see:

rv.exe -f server_default.cfg
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][engine]: running on windows-win64-amd64
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][engine]: arch is little endian
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][storage]: added path '$USERDIR' ('C:\Users\Vincent\AppData
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][storage]: added path '$DATADIR' ('Desktop\teeworlds-0.7.4-
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][storage]: added path '$CURRENTDIR' ('C:\Users\Vincent')
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][storage]: added path '$APPDIR' ('Desktop\teeworlds-0.7.4-w
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][console]: executing 'autoexec.cfg'
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][Console]: No such command: sv_spectator_slots.
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][console]: executing 'server_default.cfg'
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][Console]: No such command: sv_spectator_slots.
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][server]: starting...
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: loading. filename='maps/dm2.map'
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: allocsize=4632
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: readsize=4336
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: swaplen=4356
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: item_size=3960
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: loading done. datafile='maps/dm2.map'
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: loading data index=8 size=151 uncompressed=556
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: loading data index=9 size=330 uncompressed=1384

[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: loading data index=10 size=774 uncompressed=195
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: loading data index=11 size=182 uncompressed=468

[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: loading data index=12 size=702 uncompressed=255
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: loading data index=13 size=439 uncompressed=146
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: loading data index=14 size=1271 uncompressed=58
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: loading data index=15 size=254 uncompressed=552

[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: loading data index=16 size=139 uncompressed=364

[2020-04-07 10:47:22][datafile]: loading data index=17 size=58 uncompressed=256
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][server]: maps/dm2.map sha256 is fd97366eedd89c254db464bcd3
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][server]: maps/dm2.map crc is 054b1259
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][server]: server name is 'Tryhard du Q'
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][server]: version 0.7 802f1be60a05665f
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][engine/mastersrv]: refreshing master server addresses
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][register]: refreshing ip addresses
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][engine/mastersrv]: saving addresses
[2020-04-07 10:47:22][register]: fetching server counts
[2020-04-07 10:47:24][game]: start match type='DM' teamplay='0'
[2020-04-07 10:47:25][register]: chose 'master3.teeworlds.com' as master, sendin
g heartbeats
[2020-04-07 10:47:27][register]: no firewall/nat problems detected
[2020-04-07 10:47:27][register]: server registered
[2020-04-07 11:17:28][engine/mastersrv]: refreshing master server addresses
[2020-04-07 11:17:28][register]: refreshing ip addresses
[2020-04-07 11:17:28][engine/mastersrv]: saving addresses
[2020-04-07 11:17:28][register]: fetching server counts
[2020-04-07 11:17:31][register]: chose 'master3.teeworlds.com' as master, sendin
g heartbeats
[2020-04-07 11:17:32][register]: no firewall/nat problems detected
[2020-04-07 11:17:32][register]: server registered

Can you help me pls ?

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Re: Server not visible online

1. Check online
2. Check in the LAN tab in the server browser.
3. check your external IP: https://www.whatismyip.com
4. Try to manually connect to IP:Port
5. If this does not work, try port forwarding in your router.

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Re: Server not visible online

On online i don't see my server.
On LAN tab, i see my server and i can play but my friend can't.
I check my external IP but what i can do with this ? (sorry i'm not good with internet)
I connect manually IP:Port Before my request and it help me but no more than that.
And i open 8303 port in my router.