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Topic: yemDX's 10 Year Forum Anniversary!! & A special surprise...

Today marks the tenth anniversary that I have been a member of these forums. To celebrate, I bring gifts. Here is a fanfiction introduction I wrote:

The king has returned.

As the king approached the ruins that once was "Teewars", also known as "Teeworlds", he looked upon it with a single tear dripping from his eye.

"What has happened here since I last returned...?"

The king was known as yemDX, pronounced "yehm dee-ecks". He had many a great battle within Teewars against some of the philosophical greats... He began to remember them, clear as day, nostalgic for better days past.  Landil's foolish stand for needless slopes, Broken's childish obsession with instagib, HeroiAmarelo's poor drawing skills attempting to represent the king... all of them nostalgic moments, but bitter for the king.

But he also remembered the good times, the good people... all of them, working in tandem, to make Teewars a better place. The king did his best, but alas, it was too late. Teewars fell... to DDRace. Skill levels fell, communities shattered, all so people could drag some dumb tee around the map. It devestated the king. But, one thing he was never ready to admit, not until now, was his deep, dark secret...


He loved DDRace. But not the DDRace everyone knows today... dummy drag.



Yes, this is yemDX, the king, himself. He loved DDRace, known as "dummy drag" back in the day. He even started the first dummy drag clan. And now, he has become an outcast due to the very thing he helped create.

The king shed a single tear... oh, how far he had fallen. He fought hard to keep dummy drag sacred, and to keep the vanilla gametype sacred, but he had failed. And now as he sees the ruined state of his kingdom, destroyed by DDOS and lack of care from developers, yemDX realizes everything was his fault. He was a failure of a leader, a failure of a king, and... a failure of a Teewars player.

yemDX shook his fist in rage. He could have done more... so much more.

And this is when he realized that it wasn't over. It's never been over. We could rebuild. We could start all over... we could create...


Now in active development.


You have been trolled. There is no Teeworlds Two and there never will be. Problem? wink

Now enough of the laughs. Here is some fan art I was given to celebrate my ten year anniversary:


Ex-King of Teeworlds


Re: yemDX's 10 Year Forum Anniversary!! & A special surprise...


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Re: yemDX's 10 Year Forum Anniversary!! & A special surprise...

Wow, I Can Hardly Believe It, It's The Big Day!!!!

To Commemorate, I Made Some Fanart Of My Own. I Hope You Like It!


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Re: yemDX's 10 Year Forum Anniversary!! & A special surprise...

True and honest thanks. Loved what you did back then, love it still, <3.

No words.

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Re: yemDX's 10 Year Forum Anniversary!! & A special surprise...


Nice to see you back yemDX! And it's nice to see that, after all these years, we can still safely say that:
#yemDX is a known troll! big_smile
Oh, and cool fan-art, i guess, I still remember the old fan art with the 2 tees banging while a third tee was looking from behind with the "???" emoji.

Here's my fan-art:

Playing Teeworlds since 2011!
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Re: yemDX's 10 Year Forum Anniversary!! & A special surprise...

so you are back? o.O

#yemDX is a known troll!
but onbgy is the biggest troll
and deen always trolls, he just makes it so perfect that u think hes not


Re: yemDX's 10 Year Forum Anniversary!! & A special surprise...

Can't wait for 20 year update! Quality shitpost



Re: yemDX's 10 Year Forum Anniversary!! & A special surprise...

Oh, man... I miss Teeworlds...

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