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Topic: Empty servers, dying game?

Sorry if this isn't the correct subforum.

I got back to the game after *years*, and it's kinda saddening to see a lot of empty servers and only ~80 people online. I remember hundreds of people online with 32 player servers consistently getting filled.

After playing the Steam version (0.7.2, which is looks more dead), I was told that most people still play 0.6. Even then, the game seems pretty stagnated compared to a while ago.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a client or version of the game I should be checking out?

Any response would be nice. Thank you.

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Re: Empty servers, dying game?

Lots of players are still in 0.6 indeed.
Compare with the activity of other 12 years old games.

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Re: Empty servers, dying game?

TW took a hit last summer due to DdoS attacks on the servers. 0.7 has provided the security fixes but the community has not recovered yet. It might be a slow process, but there are some mid-level public games on 0.7 (mostly ctf5). It depends on the time you're playing, but you can still find a few fun games, and the only way to fix this is to keep playing. Most players on remaining 0.6 are not playing standard gametypes either, and already the instagib community has moved to 0.7.

Now, you seem to be based in the US, and the american community always was smaller and I'm not sure of their status considering the move to 0.7.