Topic: Not able to access GORES ( KoG )


I used to play teeworlds a lot back in the day since 2010 I believe.

Now somehow I remembered about the game and started playing again a little bit during weekends.

I love Gores maps, but the problem appears to be that for whatever reason it seems I am not able to access those maps.

No matter what client I use.

I type in the search bar  - gores a lot of servers come up ( KoG )

But what happens is I try to get in the game, it connects, loads the map for a second and instantly goes back.

I captured a video.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NowV2w … sp=sharing

It happens on every single client out there.

Please help me fellow tw users.

Thank you.

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Re: Not able to access GORES ( KoG )

Try it with the newest DDNet client from https://ddnet.tw/downloads/ or use the official Teeworlds client: https://www.teeworlds.com/?page=downloads&id=12543

I see that you're still on 0.6.3.


Re: Not able to access GORES ( KoG )

Ask here if you have problems. Use the search first. No mod-related questions.

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