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Topic: Are people cheating, is it lag or how does it work?

Alright folks, long time player, first time poster.

Usually take long breaks before coming back to play and Im going crazy about this.

Now we all know spinbots and people who spin around the center of their character cause they think that that's better for reflexes or something.
I'm not talking about this.

I'm talking about when you see the gun instantly change position from looking <--- to looking--->  with no movement of it from left to right above the head or below the feet of the "tee".

What the heck is happening here.
How can people be this fast?
I play on servers where I have 50 ping. Is it a delay so the animations isn't shown?

I tried *moving* my cursor as fast as these people do and I just end up slipping off the mousemat after a while.

When I aim you can clearly see my gun going from left to right. Or up to down or what ever.

But a lot of these people seem to switch so damn fast I don't know what's happening. A lot of them seem to favor hooking people and then shooting them instead of tracing them from a distance too. Possibly since a bot can fail at a long distance but wont fail at a short distance of rapid movements. I dont know for sure here, Im just speculating.

One idea I have besides cheating is that they keep the cursor close to the center of the tee, same with the spinners. (a normal spinner does this but then moves the curser outwards when aiming from what I know).
But then how the heck do they hit anything? The Aim must be far less accurate yet these people tend to be very good.


Re: Are people cheating, is it lag or how does it work?

I think it's just that the players move their mouse over the tee in their path of changing direction when they rotate 180°, so it looks very instantaneous.

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Re: Are people cheating, is it lag or how does it work?

Ye but that's only if they would go straight <---  to ---> or other opposed angles; any angle mixed with an other angle for example from 40 degrees to 150 degrees would not work, and this is fucking constant.

edit: Ok I think I figured out what they might be doing but it doesn't make a lot of sense in some situations.

Like they are doing the same thing as the spinners but without spinning. Instead of keeping the cursor far in the direction they are moving they keep it close to the center and only move it when they have a target.

But this is absolutely terrible if you are chasing someone or being chased by someone and want to keep tracing his movements.

I still don't quite get how they are so good with this strategy. It might help for hooking but they aim so fucking good too...I Just think that maybe they are manually hooking while being assisted by an aimbot for shooting?


Re: Are people cheating, is it lag or how does it work?

This just sounds like people with a high mousesense. Set it high enough and you can "switch sides" in every direction instantly with ease. Generally the answer why you get killed all the time is rarely botting, even for a "long time player" like you.


Re: Are people cheating, is it lag or how does it work?

Unfortunately there is no antibot in vanilla. You can try playing the (only currently alive) FNG server which have a very sophisticated antibot algorithms embedded. It is compatible with both ddnet and 0.7 clients. Give it a try and compare your experience on a (mostly) bot-free server.

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