Topic: PSA: how to separate 0.6 and 0.7 settings

The problem

Many of you may find yourselves switching between 0.6.x and 0.7.1 Teeworlds.
Some settings - like mouse max movement - can have conflicts, and 0.7-specific settings will be lost when you will play 0.6.
So you probably want to keep those two settings separated

The solution

Store 0.6 or 0.7 settings locally (one is enough). This is how:

- You have a storage.cfg file next to your teeworlds.exe. Open it.
It says this (past the comment section):

add_path $USERDIR
add_path $DATADIR
add_path $CURRENTDIR
add_path $APPDIR

- Create a "cfg" folder, next to this teeworlds.exe:

- Replace the first line ($USERDIR):

add_path cfg
add_path $DATADIR
add_path $CURRENTDIR
add_path $APPDIR

That's it!

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Re: PSA: how to separate 0.6 and 0.7 settings

Is there no attempt to fix this in the sourcecode? Solution would be easy and helpful I think... I mean, if Windows can release W10 after W8 and Apple iPhone X after 8, then we also can give this wonderful release its own settings.cfg!
This would be smart for any new major version anyway, wouldn't it? It's kind of dirty to use the old global settings.cfg for a new release. I mean beside the problem that your talking about, also, in the course of time, variables that are no longer used or changed will accumulate.

E.g. force the 0.7 client to use settings_07.cfg instead of settings.cfg, set a variable if the 0.7 client starts the first time or not, when true then copy and rename settings.cfg to settings_07.cfg, delete old unused stuff and BAAM you have a good solution

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