Topic: Outlooks on the close future and 0.7.1

Hello tees,

Two weeks in 0.7.0, we're already in the homestretch for the next minor release. After long times of stalling, the Teeworlds development has seen a great surge in activity:


Over the past 7 days only, 9 pull requests have been merged, 40 issues have been opened, half of which are already closed, some as I'm writing.

Because of how quickly everything happened, 0.7.0 is not very stable and contained a lot of frustrating bugs and issues of all sorts. Functionally, 0.7.0 is acting a public beta, unveiling the issues and greatly pushing development forward. 0.7.1 aims to fix those issues.

Almost everything we wanted done for 0.7.1 is; the last stretch is the server browser UI rework. Several mockups have been proposed and are being refined, after what they will have to be implemented.
We have to thank for this the steady work of Zatline, LordSk, Sonix, JamesTrj, and of course Oy.

The input of everyone is precious and welcome in the comments, so 0.7.1 can meet the expectations of the community and correct the weaknesses of the current version.

To finish with, an important note: the 0.7.1 strings will be ported to transifex soon, where you can help us with the translations. Get your language included the next version!
Thanks in advance to all that will contribute.


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Re: Outlooks on the close future and 0.7.1

I have to thank all people that are involved to prevent Teeworlds from dying and developing and further improving the game.

Especially Oy… Thank you very much for your hard work over the past years and we will hopefully see you developing/maintaining teeworlds for many more years.

Also Dune and all others for spending your time and keep development going.
Many Teeworlds Players from the old days are somehow involved and finding each other again over Discord, Github or IRC. That makes me really happy.


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Re: Outlooks on the close future and 0.7.1

Let's hope the official release (?) will revive Teeworlds and the community with a strong and long story won't end.


Re: Outlooks on the close future and 0.7.1

Thanks to all guys involved in that surge of development! smile

Loving TW since 2010 smile