Topic: [brainstorm] let us make our own mod!

Many players want improve and implement this game with their big dreams and small details too.

we can't expect that official development going to transform totally this game,
because else this would be no more Teeworlds.

So we can create a public project of a modification by involving each interested person,
and become more strong avoiding fragmentations in little groups of modders.

I believe the main advantage is that the source code is not too long to read and not too hard to modify.
Also for this reason I started some year ago for the first time a more deep amateur programing.

I loved that by editing just fews lines of code I could see immediately the result of my changes,
I was fascinated for what potentially I could accomplish...

But time by time, after many tries, understanding always more the Teeworlds sources, his limits, pros and cons,
I wonder: is better to spend my effort on a game engine like Unity instead?

Now seems the right moment to start something together or forget it forever!!!

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Re: [brainstorm] let us make our own mod!

At least the official developers must solve all security issues, it's their responsability unless they don't care about teeworlds anymore.

It's not realistic to expect the trolls will stop abusing the security issues, there will always be a troll who will have a reason to abuse the security issues.

Then, it's very realistic to solve all security issues.

Also the gameplay can improve, but it seems the developers are lazy or don't have time to work on teeworlds.

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Re: [brainstorm] let us make our own mod!

If you want to create a new game inspired on teeworlds then go ahead, it is a nice idea.

My advice is, don't use teeworlds source code. Start from scratch and use the tool you like the most. The tool is a personal preference and it is unimportant in the sense that it doesn't guarantee success.

Just have fun and be disciplined.

Good Luck.

Edit: Also study a lot, don't repeat the same errors of teeworlds.


Re: [brainstorm] let us make our own mod!

As much as I appreciate the thought (and it has several times already been done in a way, I'd recommend not to pick teeworlds source.

It's _not_ very readable concept (it's kinda its own game engine and there us no documentation whatsoever on what's handled by engine and what not, for example). It is full of security issues (however, I wonder how well security I'd handled in major game engines, where it's even less feasible to read the entire code base, but that's a different story). As for which _other_ engine to pick, I consider Godot as very interesting, could well be a good thing looking into.

Having troubles finding servers in the serverlist? Go to Pastebin (its a referer cause there is daily a new pastebin) and add the lines to your settings.cfg (in %APPDATA%\teeworlds). Then open teeworlds and go to the favorites tab. (Note however, standard teeworlds client can only show 256 favorites, use ddnet instead)


Re: [brainstorm] let us make our own mod!

Nice idea. So, 2 years has passed, what have you chosen, @CarmineZ?

https://infnext.tw/ a classic infection mod experience evolved


Re: [brainstorm] let us make our own mod!

this is a Wonderful question!
during last 2 years I just made few tries in my free time mostly with Unity less in Godot.
I read a lot of articles about comparison, this VS that, and other technical stuffs.
Since I cannot make alone a successful complex game in short time, I opted to hobby on lighter things such web development and Flutter for apps.
My passion in the programming world is educational games and utilities in general, so one day I would publish some of my ideas/products.
What are your interest @pure_luck?


Re: [brainstorm] let us make our own mod!

Yes, it's hard to do anything alone. And motivation boosts up when other people are participate or giving a feedback.

I've suddenly found myself first as last infCroya server hoster and then as only mod maintainer and developer. This mod has evolved to a separate one which is infNext one now and features many additions to infClass/infCroya gameplay.

As enjoying as modding the game could be still playerbase is very small and teeworlds client limitations are huge. I feel like I need to invest 20-30 hours of my free time to a different project. Would be nice to find people to make a new game project with and a nice idea for it.

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https://infnext.tw/ a classic infection mod experience evolved