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Topic: VanilleCUP #2

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Hello everyone,
I'm proud to announce registration is open for 2nd edition of Vanille CUP.
Special thanks to @Sonix @Zargon & @ChillerDragon who help me to make it happen.

This is a great occasion to experiment vanilla for newcomers and to show your skill for experienced older tees!

  • The tournament will be played on ctf1

  • It will take part 25th March: 1pm UTC+1, becarefull of time changes this day! A countdown will be put in place the next week to help everyone to arrive on time wink

  • You have to register your team on vanillecup.com to take part in the tournament

  • A team must be composed by 2 tees plus an optional substitute player

  • Stay informed on our discord: https://discord.gg/4vUxAjj

Do not hesitate to spread the word, feel free to share the website on specific teeworlds forums etc.

If you want any info about previous edition you can watch this youtube video (this time sound quality will be better):


Re: VanilleCUP #2

Live stream available here: