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Topic: Cant compile bam 0.4.0

Hello i want to compile bam to compile teeworlds but cant, here are the errors

gcc: error: src/lua/src/*.c: No such file or directory
gcc: error: src/lua/src/lib/*.c: No such file or directory

I checked and in bam's folder there is the src folder with folder lua in it, but no folders in the lua folder. ??????
Yes i googled
Thank you for your help
(if you have a compiled bam 0.4.0, could you upload it please)

found it found it....
here it is: https://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=12150
people were having issues with compiling using MinGW. Anyone having this problem check that thread or if that doesnt help compile using visual studio!


Re: Cant compile bam 0.4.0

Consider compiling bam v0.5.1, which is available at https://github.com/matricks/bam/releases

Arch Linux users, see packages for some Teeworlds mod here! wink