Topic: Help me look for a skin

I had a skin of a koala with beret and glasses black, it did not come with the normal ddnet skins and I lost it at with time ... one of the names she used to have was "broken".
Can any of you guys take a look at me if you have any?
i used translator sorry for problems in translate... Thanks to help!

It's the same as my profile


Re: Help me look for a skin

The skin that you were using was the mermydon bear with some changes (hat and sun glasses). If you tell us where/how did you get it, maybe we can help you find it. If you don't remember the source, then only the author can give it to you if she/he didn't delete it.


Re: Help me look for a skin

You can easy make it your own smile ! Download Inkscape use the Default.svg from  /The Messenger\ and watch a Video for using Inkscape . Default.svg = http://heinrich5991.de/teeworlds/forum/ … t%20xD.svg
press ctrl + s for download the file big_smile!


Re: Help me look for a skin

huh I found it
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