Topic: [Help fix Bug]:'(

Hi all!
Fucken bug on my server when I take the flag and write kill (dies) the server crashes
Please i need coder help me:'(


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The code? Use github or something... but without code nobody can help you.


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Huhh server private :'(


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How anyone can help you, if you don't provide any worth information?


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maybe discord? or skype


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That, or you could tell us what the problem is, and maybe someone can help you out.


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The Flag has a pointer to the character that carries it. When the player is killed, the character is deleted and you get a NullPointerException. Look in the ctf gametype how the death of the flag carrier is dealt with.

Anyways that's my guess. Let me get on the hate train and tell you that without any code there is no way of knowing that that is indeed the problem. And teeworlds is open source, return the favor by making your mod of it also open.


Re: [Help fix Bug]:'(

Can you add me live:sailorex?