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Topic: [MAP] Paradise - DM

OK here is my first map,which i made:

         Link: http://www.rayzoned.de.tl/My-map.htm

One of them:

THE NEW! paradise map: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5zfbdd

[The basic for this map was the map pirates-thanks to the one who made it -if you dont want,that i use your map as basic post here to tell me....]


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Up and running on theqkash.pl ctf 6 wink


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it is no problem for me, taht you use the basics from the pirate`s map^^


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iphone: ah, what's with dedicated map which we're talking about last time? wink

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Re: [MAP] Paradise - DM

hey guys can u tell me how to make own basics like the water?its called tilesets right?


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i have a new map for you^^ can we test it first on a password server??

i draw my pictures with photoshop


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iphone: sure, mail me theqkash @ theqkash . pl


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@iphone: ok ^^ thx


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set ur settings on low details and u will see how buggie ur map is...


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Good looking map. I like it. Good that theqkash hosted it.


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hwot game dit you use?

Sorry im not good to Englis im from Denmark sad and im 13 years old sad MY SKINS/GAMES: http://www.teeworlds.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1224


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? which game png?-do you mean this

If yes: i have used my Ninja Mod ....:)


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If I do "high detail" off, I can't see everthing!

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L(Oo)k on my first post to download the new paradise map !

Have Fun with the map! wink

NEW Screenshots!

+ i have build a secret room in the map,which is easy to find,if you know that there is one
  ^^ you can post here a post with the screenshot of it smile if u want


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@theqkash  pls download the map and host it at the "paradise"-server -would be nice smile


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I'll host in one of my servers (Capture the Flag - By Tee).

I just need a different hoster (mediafire.com?)

Thanks smile

I'll be smarter if you try to be nicer. (lol big_smile )


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@Teeconnect to a server with a paradise map..download the map.. and copy it form(config directory) and rename it .. if it dont work.. i can upload this map

Remember me? Questions? Just leave a message, I will respond within 72 hrs!

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Re: [MAP] Paradise - DM

Okay, thanks...I'll try it right now. smile

Ack... I can't find a server with paradise. >_<
I'll keep searching...but if you can upload it, I'd appreciate it. ^^

Give up. -_-
Can't find it.

Upload it to a different hoster (mediafire.com maybe). smile

I'll be smarter if you try to be nicer. (lol big_smile )