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Hey ... I think you know all the KoG servers of tplink01. Since the DDnet has, the old accounts are gone .... This is from my point of view simply stupid ... I bought myself a lot of things and not just for little money ...

I would like to ask if I can have the mod for linux and try to restore the old accounts.


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Uhm, you didn't invent a time machine by any chance? Sounds like you came here from more than two and a halve years ago, I haven't heard the word "tplink01" since back then yikes

The mod you are talking about has never been public, and for sure it wasn't tplink's. He also did not have the original KoG mod from 2011-ish, it was just another mod of that mod (known as KoG 2.0) that some more people had gotten hand on. Be told your money is gone, having given it to this guy. I know he was taking an aweful lot of money (like 20€ for some vip shif iirc), but you've spent that money on him solely, not on having perks on the KoG mod for all eternity. Many of the things that you could buy on his servers were put into the mod by himself (or rather the guys helping him, considering his limited skills), so they simply don't exist in other versions ('flavours'?) of it.
The only thing I don't understand in your text is "Since the DDnet has" - do you mean they are hosting it? I don't think I've ever seen them do that, so what could you mean by that...?
Furthermore, how are you planning on 'restoring old accounts' if you don't have any connection to tplink, which I assume you don't because elsewise you'd not be askin for the mod here.

Anyhow, if you just want to play the mod nowadays, there are the 626 servers hosting both the original and the KoG 2.0 mod; Build and level servers. Unfortunately but somewhat understandably there are no accounts from the time tplink was hosting it, nor from the really old days when it still used to be nlvl's response. Apart from that, almost noone is playing KoG|LvL anymore, you must be lucky to get even a handful of people to play with hmm

PS: Would you mind telling me how to timemachine? I'd really like to live the old days of teeworlds just once more....

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Creator of the original 0.5.2 version is Schmop: https://www.teeworlds.com/forum/profile.php?id=56450
Creator (in agreement with Schmop) of the 0.6.x version is MAP94 https://www.teeworlds.com/forum/profile.php?id=1710
Hoster of both Servers and also Admin is iX:W4com

Iam an ex Police (aka Supporter / low level Administrator) . If you remember iX:lolo, DerHase, Kursi, flippy, Dagobert or me, than you played on the original server. (There are other former supporters, but it's been so long since even I can't remember all the names.)


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sorry for reviving an old thread.
@kingtee.ger  : what about me sad

@thread: Soon™

No but seriously:

I am iX::Kebein, a former admin of the said mod. Some may remember me, most of you dont.

But recently i started to work on the KoG|lvl mod

mainly because i want to improve myself in c++ but also because i kinda miss the mod.

if there is any interest, let me know smile