Topic: Someone has a code

Would I like a code for a flag well as in IF city or ChillerBlock can someone will help or as at blmapv3royale Heart, Defence  ?)
Sorry for my english :0


Re: Someone has a code

sv_gametype ctf
Has Flags hehe

Sorry for the Bad english ._.        www.ChillerDragon.weebly.com (teeworlds page)


Re: Someone has a code

ChillerDragon is totally right! As silly as his answer might sound, the required code is already there. If you understand just a little bit of coding you can use that for your mod. I assume you do as you were asking for code, not for a finished mod. Here is the source file that you should be looking for: https://github.com/teeworlds/teeworlds/ … es/ctf.cpp