Topic: DDnet Design Contest #1

The DDraceNetwork Design Contest #1 is starting as of today.


  • The theme of this contest wil be Asia.

  • The contest ends in 3 weeks on the 16th April.

  • You cant win something this time. There will only be a simple honoring for the first 3 places.

  • The community determines the winner through a poll.

  • Every user will have two votes.


  • You can't copy or steal another design.

  • You can also participate with an older design as long it is yours x).

  • Give your best and have fun !


Everyone with a fitting design can participate, just send me a private message with the mapfile. [Deadline 10th April]

If you want to participate send me a pm on this forum. https://forum.ddnet.tw/memberlist.php?m … &u=380