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Topic: Expanding the reach

This game could appeal to so many more people than it already does.. is this lost on everybody?.. why not market it more?.. promote it more?.. there are many *free* lanes of promotion possible.. just make sure u have a foundation of stuff to promote.. like ctf5.. and if u even understand it.. smile I mean this is the best game out there, bar none.. but NOT if there's nobody active on the servers!

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Re: Expanding the reach

suggested many times.

Quick answer: declined by devs.
Long answer:

Oy wrote:

When I started playing Teeworlds, there were usually just 2 servers with people playing - that was fine. If it goes back to that - still fine. It was never the aim to get a lot of players, it's a niche product, even though it attracted lots of players during time. People start and stop playing games, that's life. Games die and people move on.

The current development status is a combination of things: lack of time, people become inactive, stuff Magnet mentions here and that the game is pretty much perfect the way it is.
Teeworlds always has been about simplicity and minimalism and that's not going to change. It's not turning into an anti-Teeworlds like ddnt or become mod-friendly etc.. If someone isn't happy with what Teeworlds is. The source is open-source, use it, make your own thing, fulfil your dreams. No hard feelings, that's part of the game.

There are plans for a new version, but I doubt it will come to that as it doesn't seem realisable.

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