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Topic: [Mod] SpeedFNG

Well, after all, I post this here to make things clear.

I am not the author of the original OpenFNG. Neither am I the author of most of SpeedFNG

I received the source code of this modification via a clan (I think it was F3aR but I am not sure) while chatting. Unfortunately it was only a part of the sources, without map and config and the rest of it. I got the OpenFNG sources/maps, merged them and got it running at last. After all, I put it on github and told the author that I can transfer ownership, but they didn't care. As I found out, someone Persian is hosting it or maybe anothet version of it. I don't know. Also I think someone tried to post this as their code without the source.

After all I am hosting one server on
Github repo at https://github.com/Schwertspize/speedfng

A short description:
SpeedFNG added some powwrups available at higher killstreaks, like jet pack, double laser or so
It additionally added a questionable 'detecting' which I didn't fully understand but kept in it because I did just fix errors and a few bugs.

Credits to fisted for making OpenFNG
Credits to unknown for making most of this mod

Having troubles finding servers in the serverlist? Go to Pastebin (its a referer cause there is daily a new pastebin) and add the lines to your settings.cfg (in %APPDATA%\teeworlds). Then open teeworlds and go to the favorites tab. (Note however, standard teeworlds client can only show 256 favorites, use ddnet instead)