Topic: [HELP] Problem making mapres !

Welcome and sorry for my bad english!
Well.. I have a problem making my own mapres, i export the image in png and when i put it on the map editor i can see what i do but when somebody else plays my map they see colors, not my mapres.
Here is a picture of what i see:

Link: http://i.imgur.com/34IDVci.png

And here is what othe people see:

Link: http://i.imgur.com/94Y0pXt.png

Heelp pls :c

pd: I use photoshop and the resolution is 1024x1024


Re: [HELP] Problem making mapres !

In the editor ->images-> right click your image -> embedd then save it


Re: [HELP] Problem making mapres !

Thank you sonix big_smile