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Topic: [TUTORIAL] compiling teeworlds under Windows using gcc / MinGW

Since I think this is a better solution to compile Teeworlds under Windows, and probably the fact that I saw many people having problems with this, I wanted to do this tutorial.

Why should you use this way?
    It's very easy.
    You don't need Visual Studio for it.
    The size of MinGW compared to Visual Studio is like nothing.
    Teeworlds Devs are using gcc for compiling too so sometimes you could get problems compiling with cl.
    Scroll down, there is a video tutorial!

Let's get straight into it:

1.install python 3.x (https://www.python.org/downloads/)


2.install mingw (http://www.mingw.org/)
        2.1 Run the following command in the command line as administrator:
        setx PATH "%PATH%;C:\MinGW\bin;"


! don't use bam 4.0 ! Since bam 0.5 you have to apply this changes to your files :
https://github.com/teeworlds/teeworlds/ … 2c9db1b9eb

        3.download and unzip bam (https://codeload.github.com/matricks/bam/zip/master)
            3.1 compile bam via opening make_win32_mingw.bat
            3.2 rename the folder to bam and copy it to C:\
            3.3 add bam to the PATH aswell with: setx PATH "%PATH%;C:\bam\;"


4.download and unzip teeworlds source (https://downloads.teeworlds.com/teeworlds-0.6.3-src.zip)
        4.1 open the command line in your teeworlds-folder and run the command to compile:
        bam release

Still don't got it? Here is a video tutorial for you:

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