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Topic: Does someone have the Xtralarge Map?

Its a few years ago i played a run map called Xtralarge.
The map was quite difficult and very well done.
Over the years I searched for it many times but i never found it.
I also reseted my computer often so for me the map is gone.

Now to you dear reader!
Did u see the map anywhere or do you even have it?

I would be very thankful

Well after more searching i saw the map list +downloads.
And i just found the map
+I found the server creator which worked well after some testing.

Maaaaan I can play the map!

You guys are awesome!
and I ll have something to do for the next 3 weeks


Re: Does someone have the Xtralarge Map?


maybe this is what you are searching?

http://heinrich5991.de/teeworlds/maps/m … cd97de.map

http://heinrich5991.de/teeworlds/maps/m … 4e0e0d.map