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Topic: A DDrace Gamemode Wiki

Hello, I'm Ryozuki.

I've been watching on internet for a long time and i found that there are 0 wikis of this mod.

So, i decided to create one.

Feel free to help building this brand new Wiki!

The link is: http://wiki.ddnet.tw/

My ideas for this Wiki are to give all information possible about the game mode, including the game mechanics, how things work, hammer-fly, speed fly, and lot of things that this beautiful game mode has. Also the map features, server features, and client features.

If you feel like you have some free time and want to do something you can always go to the wiki and help adding more information.
(To edit the wiki, you have to create a account, to prevent random people with not so good intentions, email confirmation may not be working but it's optional.)

A quick guide about the wiki:

To create a new page on the wiki simple put in the search bar the name of your article

Then click the edit button and start adding info :

If you finish a page tell me and i will put a link of it in the main page.

Wiki formatting


Wiki Toolbar:


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I don't know... I'm not pleased at all... The English used feels wiered.

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And it cannot be edited/corrected, it is protected :3

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Re: A DDrace Gamemode Wiki

I changed it, now you can edit, sry. (I was typing here fast...)