Topic: OpenFNG5 - design rework

I finally made rework of my favourite map.
Not as good as I expected. :(
But take a look!
PunBB bbcode test
PunBB bbcode test
Click me to get that map

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Re: OpenFNG5 - design rework

Looks nice!
Maybe you can add more doodads? After some rounds, it's boring to play on a map without

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Re: OpenFNG5 - design rework

seems like openfng5_beat, not openfng5.. Regardless, it looks amazing! Might add to my servers, I guess

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Re: OpenFNG5 - design rework

Thanks! I'll add some doodads later...


Re: OpenFNG5 - design rework

It has a very nice mood! smile I think the Tees should also look shadowy, so have you put a layer of shadows over the whole map?
If not you could increase brightness of the tile set a bit so it doesn't look too dark with shadows layered on top of it.

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Re: OpenFNG5 - design rework

Nice another beat version, but no one will play this version like other versions too.(fng is so bad..since 2years)
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Re: OpenFNG5 - design rework

Hi! I added few weird flowers... (I don't want to  add that much stuff, that would be too confusing)
New version!
You might want to try mine easy solo map with the same style as this! smile

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Re: OpenFNG5 - design rework

I think you should clarify a little bit the background, it would increase contrast an make it easier to see the "solid" places.
Great map BTW smile

@ShootXen : Nobody plays fng ? Good joke dude. I agree that there is less people than at past but anyway, it's still a really played mod.

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