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Topic: [hopefully sticky] Map collection

Some people know the maps here (https://heinrich5991.de/teeworlds/maps/maps). Heinrich5991 made this directory some time ago, he collected the downloadedmaps folders from players, deleted broken maps and created a huge repository of maps. Because that is a huge thing and it actually prevents old maps from dying, I decided to speak with heinrich5991 and set up a mirror with his help (actually "his" webserver is not at the newest version, he told me that). I hope this repository can live forever, hosted by the community, and grows bigger as everything goes on. If anyone is interested in hosting a copy of it, just tell me / heinrich5991 I am sure will allow it tongue

Currently my repository is online here: **OFFLINE**
As of November 2015 there are over 27.000 (yes, twenty seven thousands) of maps.
This means around 6gb of data. And this means the index page is currently over 6mb big
SSL with a testing certificate is already set up, a real certificate will be there in December I think.

I wanna credit

Heinrich5991 for creating such a repository

Apaxy for using their theme (https://github.com/AdamWhitcroft/Apaxy)
My friends for helping me paying for the server

ps: maybe admins make this sticky

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Re: [hopefully sticky] Map collection

Schwertspize wrote:

deleted the superfluous (not completed, eg) maps

I only removed incomplete maps (likely from unfinished map downloads) and other kinds of invalid maps. I didn't analyze the contents.