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This project is on ice until modapi is out. There won't be many updates in the near future

Having troubles finding servers in the serverlist? Go to Pastebin (its a referer cause there is daily a new pastebin) and add the lines to your settings.cfg (in %APPDATA%\teeworlds). Then open teeworlds and go to the favorites tab. (Note however, standard teeworlds client can only show 256 favorites, use ddnet instead)


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If engineer stays in his wall and is killed he will dead from his own wall. When he was undead he isn't frozen, but is "finally killed"


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Thanks to report this bug. I will add it on github.


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Thanks coming to WIP Teeworlds 0.6.4.

Look the Here was there on shotgun big_smile

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Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

Hi Guys,

I design a map for this mod ( with ddnet client map editor) but when I wanted test the map, I did get error ( runtime error), sad
what's problem?? "ddnet" client? I saved with "inf class" client but didn't work too.
What can I do? sad I can't redesign map with standard inf. client it's so hard and need time.

thanks for help



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You must add a .mapinfo file alongside the .map file. Here is an example: https://github.com/necropotame/teeworld … us.mapinfo


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necropotame wrote:

You must add a .mapinfo file alongside the .map file. Here is an example: https://github.com/necropotame/teeworld … us.mapinfo

Thank you so much, it's work. smile



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I want a command to chose my class!


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It's a common request for InfectionClass. However, such command will make even more difficult for other player to choose limited classes like mercenary and ninja.


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Ah okay that is a good argument, but for people like me with a high mousesens and a high mouse distance it's hard to get the class that i want.

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Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

Some news about InfClass:

I've added 2 new maps: infc_bamboo and infc_eidalfitr as well as 4 new classes: the spider (infected class), the sniper, the mercenary and the scientist (new version). The class chooser is also revamped

To celebrate the Eid Al-Fitr, I've made this map, with a Middle East Food theme: mountains of maamoul, knafeh, burbol and barazek smile

It's a vertical map where infected must climb to reach the canopy of a forest of bamboo and kill remaining humans.

The Spider (infected class)
The spider can switch between 2 hooks: the normal one and the web one. In web mode, the hook no more drag you and only compensate the gravity. So you can float with it. In addition, if a human touch any point of the hook in web mode, you automatically grab him. That ways, spiders can trick humans and close passages.

The Sniper (human class)
The sniper can lock his position in air using the hammer. When locked, his rifle deals 19 or 20 dmg. In normal mode, the rifle deals 9 or 10 dmg.

The Scientist (human class)
The Scientist can build 2 mines and teleport him-self with grenades.

The Mercenary (human class)
The Mercenary can throw poison grenades and fly with a machine gun/jet pack.

The new class chooser:


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Upload this in github, please i want see sources!!! big_smile


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The source code is always available in GitHub, in the branch server-stable smile

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Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

I post here the progress on each translation. Feel free to complete them (files are located here, lines with "### NOT TRANSLATED" must be translated)

Complete translations:

  • French (123 translated lines)

  • Hungarian (123 translated lines)

  • Spanish (123 translated lines)

  • German (123 translated lines)

  • Latin (123 translated lines) (well, ... it's still used in the Vatican tongue)

Incomplete translations:

  • Polski (10 missing lines on 123)

  • Arabic (27 missing lines 123)

  • Italian (31 missing lines 123)

  • Ukranian (33 missing lines 123)

  • Russian (33 missing lines 123)

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Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

Here the complete spanish translation.... I put a comment with the "REVISE" text where i found ambiguous strings...

https://gist.github.com/CytraL/b81f7416 … 7f095acf4f


Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

Thanks a lot! I've take care of "REVISE" tagged lines and updated the github.

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Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

You Welcome!
Translation updated... when you mean "web" you mean "spider web" no "website" xD .. obvious tongue


Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

german translation:
https://gist.github.com/ElKnuffel/87091 … ad186b2442

I will be banned if I troll again ...


Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

unsigned char* wrote:

You Welcome!
Translation updated... when you mean "web" you mean "spider web" no "website" xD .. obvious tongue

Well, if you never tried the mod, I understand that it's not obvious smile

@Deepfinder: Thanks! It's also in the repository


Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

Today i downloaded the mode from here: https://github.com/necropotame/teeworlds-infclass
I compiled it with bam (without parameters)
But than when i try to join a infc server the client crashes, console output:

[580342aa][client]: loading map, map=infc_newdust wanted crc=ddad2f35
[580342aa][datafile]: loading. filename='maps/infc_newdust.map'
[580342aa][datafile]: allocsize=3856
[580342aa][datafile]: readsize=3544
[580342aa][datafile]: swaplen=3564
[580342aa][datafile]: item_size=3104
[580342aa][datafile]: loading done. datafile='maps/infc_newdust.map'
[580342aa][client]: map differs from the server. fb406ffd != ddad2f35
[580342aa][datafile]: loading. filename='downloadedmaps/infc_newdust_ddad2f35.map'
[580342aa][datafile]: allocsize=10232
[580342aa][datafile]: readsize=9808
[580342aa][datafile]: swaplen=9828
[580342aa][datafile]: item_size=9172
[580342aa][datafile]: loading done. datafile='downloadedmaps/infc_newdust_ddad2f35.map'
[580342aa][client]: loaded map 'downloadedmaps/infc_newdust_ddad2f35.map'
[580342aa][client/network]: loading done
[580342ab][InfClass]: CLayer::Init: no Zone Layer found
[580342ab][InfClass]: CLayer::Init: no Entity Layer found
[580342ab][datafile]: loading data index=17 size=1795 uncompressed=151200
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I guess there is some sort of map conflict? idk
I dont need this to work i just thought i post it, in case you dident know about it


Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

InfClass use a custom map format made of three "game layers". You should open your map with the map editor of InfClass, fix the layers, and then save it.  You can check jow official maps are done. The physics layer contains the solid/no hook tiles, the entity layer contains the spawn positions and the zone layer contains death/infection area.


Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

What i posted above happend when i tried to join an official server online.
Thanks for tips i will try to figure out how to do it, but first i need to finish my background smile


Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

You try to join an InfClass server with the InfClass client ? The client can't work because it expects an InfClass map to play. But the server convert it to classical map before to sent it to the client. In fact, there is no working InfClass client, only a map editor and a server ^^ Sorry for that.


Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

Ah i see tongue


Re: [MOD] InfectionClass (Work in progress)

InfClass has now a dedicated channel in QuakeNet: #infclass. If you need help or have suggestions, you can do it in the channel too smile